Yasmine Ear Silver


Yasmine Ear Silver –  Sterling silver – approx. 8 cm

The Yasmine earrings are beautiful, large, long and remarkable. These earrings are popular with anyone who likes large earrings. Yasmine Ear steals the attention when you wear them and they are elegant and glamorous. You do not need to wear other jewelry when wearing Yasmine Ear as they complete your entire outfit. The lock sits a few millimeters down on the earring, which makes it look even better on the ear. These earrings have a special benefit for you who tend to have a small hole in the ear that is hanging a bit, because the hole will not be visible. These earrings will always make you happy and give you a great feeling. If you want another piece of jewelery that fits these earrings, we recommend a wide bracelet such as our Marylin Bracelet.

Avoid wearing your jewelry during sports and in water to avoid unnecessary wear and tear!

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Materiale: 925 sterling silver
Længde: 8 cm