The most important day in her life

A wedding is magical. It’s all about showing the love you have for each other and it is a day filled with happiness that you share with family, friends and of course the love of your life. Tina from CHROS Copenhagen got married herself in 2020, and she really knows how you just want the perfect day. The perfect dress, the perfect weather, the perfect jewellery, shoes, food, location, decorations, music, wedding rings – EVERYTHING.

She also knows how hard it actually is to find the right look for your wedding. One thing is the dress, but what kind of viel and jewellery fits with the dress? What about hair and makeup? Etc.

That is why Tina had the idea to make a WEDDING section here at We gathered all the best suggestions to the perfect jewellery for your wedding. It turns out that CHROS is a very popular jewellery brand when it comes to weddings.

All of our jewellery in the WEDDING section come in three colours: Gold plated silver, rosegold plated silver and rhodium plated silver. This means that you can choose the color that fits you the best on your wedding day.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you.

– and congratulations! We wish you the most perfect and magical day in your lives.

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