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Beautiful and personal rings for women

At CHROS you will find rings for women, created with a message. Our “Bridge Of Love” ring is designed from a personal experience, but yet it also contains many different messages, depending on how you interpret the design.The design is also created to simply convey coolness, and at the same time a stylish ring for you who love rings for women.

When we designed the women’s ring, “The Bridge Of Love” , we had all the long distance relationships around the world in mind. You can interpret the ring as a bridge over a glittering ocean that leads you to something you wished for. An obstacle that you have to push through to get to the love of your life. You may also interpret it as a ring of happiness, as a reminder of something you have managed or overcome in life.

Rings for women in Danish design and quality

Designing rings for women who have experienced grief or illness, disasters, or other personal difficulties is a challenge, but we always want our jewelry to have a meaning and a kind of message that resonates with each individual woman. This ladies´ ring is a reminder of how the founders of CHROS Copenhagen commuted between Sweden and Denmark for a long period before deciding to live together. Therefore, the name “The Bridge Of Love” is ​​a unique ring for women no matter their circumstances.

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