Verona Collie Silver


Verona Collie Silver – Sterling silver – 50 cm

Verona Collie is a wonderful, beautiful and popular necklace. With the fine and classic design, this necklace has been loved by so many. The chain is a popcorn chain and in the middle there is a small pendant in the shape of a circle with small white zirconia stones. This necklace is a winner and a safe choice if you are in doubt about what gift to give your loved one. Verona is also available as a bracelet that is very nice to put together with the necklace. This is a classic piece of jewelry that is definitely here to stay.

Do not use your jewelry in sports or in water to avoid unnecessary wear and tear.

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Materiale: 925 rhodineret sterlingsølv
Længde: 50 cm
Sten: Hvide zirkoner